When you rent an allotment plot from us we will ask you to sign an agreement to help keep our site looking its best. We want to ensure our site is a family friendly environment and also to help everyone stay within greenbelt policies. A few rules and regulations are stated below to help us to achieve this:


Use and Management of Plots

  1. To observe all rules and regulations relating to allotment gardens that have been or may at any time hereinafter be made by Greenhead Allotments and of which the plot holders shall have been notified.


  1. To permit any member, officer or agent of Greenhead Allotments at any time to enter upon and inspect the plot.


  1. Not to assign, underlet or part with possession of the plot or any part thereof, and to ensure that the plot is cultivated only by the Tenant or any other person for whom Greenhead Allotments prior permission has been sought and granted.


  1. To maintain the plot at all times within the prescribed boundaries and not to extend the area of the plot beyond those boundaries by either his or her acts or omissions, and to use the allotment garden as an allotment garden and for no other use.


  1. No livestock shall be kept on the allotment gardens under any circumstances


  1. Not to cause or permit any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other plot and to be a good neighbour.


  1. To ensure that tools and other personal equipment are kept safe and secure when not in use and the Tenant acknowledges that Greenhead Allotments accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to such items however caused nor does Greenhead Allotments accept any responsibility for any injury caused by such items however caused.


  1. Greenhouses and Sheds are not permitted on the plot.


  1. Structures which are permitted under agriculture are:


  1. Storage boxes: Maximum size of Height 0.58m x Width 1.18m x Depth 0.45m
  2. Raised beds - if not an engineering operation in order to create them, for example constructed by hand rather than the use of a machine.
  3. Trellises – maximum size of 2.00m
  4. Compost structures - heaped with no sides or roof


Greenhead Allotments do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to these structures


  1. Not to damage, by his or her acts or omissions, nor to allow others so to damage any fences, gates, signs, water troughs, or other fixtures situated at Greenhead Allotments or that of any neighbouring property.  The Tenant agrees that if it has caused any such damage (such assessment to be made in the reasonable opinion of Greenhead Allotments) as referred to within this clause 10 that it will pay to Greenhead Allotments on an indemnity basis the cost of repair or replacement of the property in question.


  1. Not to allow children under the age of 16 on to the site unless accompanied and supervised by the Tenant, or other responsible adult.


  1. Not to allow dogs on to the site unless supervised and controlled by the Tenant, and to clear away from the site all dog faeces that may arise.


  1. No bonfires permitted at any time.


  1. Any dispute between the Tenant and any other occupier of an allotment garden shall be referred to Greenhead Allotments whose decision shall be final and binding.


  1. Greenhead Allotments do not provide any parking facilities. However, parking is available in the lay-by on Greenhead Lane. Owners park at their own risk.


  1. The Tenant shall observe and perform any special condition which Greenhead Allotments shall consider necessary to preserve the allotment gardens from deterioration and of which notice shall be given to the Tenant.


  1. Tenants wishing to create pathways within their plot, can do so using woodchip or bark only


Site Cleanliness

  1. To keep the entire plot clean and properly cultivated ensuring that the plot is kept free of weeds and that the plot and the crops thereon are kept free of pests and disease.


  1. To ensure that tools and other equipment are not left unattended on common pathways or other areas nor left in any way that might cause accident or injury and also to ensure that tools and other equipment are used carefully and with due regard to the safety of others.


  1. Not to deposit nor allow to deposit upon the plot nor any part of the site any spoil, road sweepings, refuse or other materials, excepting only manure in quantities such as may be required for immediate use in cultivation.


  1. To keep the edges to the plot where they abut other plots and common pathways in good condition and properly edged; to reduce the risk of falling or slipping leading to injury.


  1. To keep the common pathways adjacent to the plot in good condition and free from other hazards


  1. To ensure that all access roads are kept free of obstruction and hazards at all times.


  1. Not to plant any plant(s) nor allow any plant(s) to develop such that it overhangs, or obstructs the adjacent plots and adjacent common pathways.


  1. When using pegs, stakes or similar items to set them in such places and such ways that they do not overhang or obstruct adjacent plots.


  1. To clear away from the plot and the site all rubbish and other waste generated by the Tenant and not to leave such waste matter on the plot or any part of the site.


Administrative Matters

  1. The first payment will be £42 followed by monthly payments of £21. 


  1. All rent will be payable in advance and the payment due date will be on the first day of every month and the Tenant agrees to pay all outgoings that arise as a result of the use of the plot or any part thereof immediately as and when they arise.


  1. Rental payments will be made by a standing order.


  1. Greenhead Allotments are not responsible for any enforcements or action imposed on the Tenant by Pendle Borough Council or any other authority or statutory body.


  1. The Tenant must ensure that it complies with the rules of Greenbelt under agricultural use.


  1. The Tenant shall inform Greenhead Allotments forthwith of any change of address.

   This tenancy shall cease under the following conditions:


1)     Following the death of the Tenant.


2)     By the Tenant giving Greenhead Allotments six months notice in writing signed by the Tenant or otherwise by agreement with Greenhead Allotments.


3)     By Greenhead Allotments giving the Tenant six months notice in writing.


4)     By Greenhead Allotments at any time, after giving one month's previous notice in writing to the Tenant,: -


(i) If the rent or any part thereof is in arrears for not less than forty days whether legally demanded or not; or

(ii) If it appears to Greenhead Allotments that there has been a breach of the conditions of this tenancy by the Tenant. If such breach relates to the cultivation of the allotment plot at least three months must have passed since the beginning of the tenancy.